The Seven Guiding Values of Weaving Transformation


This is where we start.  Neighborhoods are the heart of any community.  The Seven Baskets strategy is to focus our services on the unique ingredients of community to strengthen and infuse life!


Seven Baskets' goal is to share life with the residents of the neighborhood.  We pledge to work hand-in-hand to achieve community renewal and revitalization.


Seven Baskets recognizes that all persons are created in the image of God.  All relationships are therefore built on mutual respect and appreciation for the unique gifts and talents of each person.


The goal of Seven Baskets is to identify and empower the distinguishing qualities of leadership.  In this process, Seven Baskets then equips our partners to offer leadership in uplifting the home, the neighborhood, and in time, the community.


Seven Baskets approaches neighborhood transformation through a holistic model that addresses the body, mind and spirit of the individual.  A variety of life skill training classes provide enrichment of the total person.


Seven Baskets encourages a deep and wide foundation of participation to achieve transformation.  The action is initiated through the development of community-based resourcing that enhances businesses, schools, families, churches and organizations.


Seven Baskets' values and motivation for service are grounded in our belief in God.  We operate out of that commitment to be inclusive of each person who weaves together the threads and strands, branches and roots of the unique neighborhood.

Who We Are

Seven Baskets is a faith-based community development corporation chartered by the State of Ohio and operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  

Our mission is to transform Ohio's urban centers through dynamic partnerships with neighborhood schools and community involvement.

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